For CERT Instructors

Coronavirus Update

CERT Basic Training is currently a fully in-person training.

See the CERT COVID-19 Policy

If you are a CERT instructor/trainer, here is some helpful information:

In 2022 it is our goal to have two tracks for CERT Basic — We are planning once again to have full in-person classes. These will be similar to the old class model but with the new FEMA 2019 curriculum. We are also planning to have a hybrid version combining a 12- to 15-hour online training (Phase 1) with an evening classroom session (Phase 2) and a hands-on skills-check session (Phase 3) similar to the old Saturday session but with the addition of medical skills. All instructors and students must be able to show proof of vaccination status for the safety of all.

CERT Basic Instruction – Traditional Delivery

In late October and November we will have a traditional class with no online part. 4 classes in Ben Lomond on Thursday evenings (October 20th – November 10th), then a full Sunday in Aptos on November 13th. Sign up to instruct. This will be with the new 2019 FEMA training.

Hybrid CERT Basic Instruction

Phase 1 is a 12- to 15-hour FEMA-developed online course of instruction and a 2-hour California CERT-developed online triage unit. The online training is broken into 9 units that may be taken in any order and at the student’s own pace and convenience. This training is available here.

Phase 2 is a 2.5- to 3-hour in-person evening class with team building (Build a Tower), as well as going over local info such as Code Red, local DSW info, and our teams.  We also review medical topics that are not “hands-on.” There is a discussion as part of Disaster Psych. In reality, this is what we were doing over Zoom last fall, but we get to do it in person with vaxed instructors and students. Masks are still strongly recommended for close-contact activities. These will be held in the classroom at the Live Oak Fire Station. Sign up to instruct.

Phase 3 will be held at the Aptos Fire Station in the yard. Similar to the old Saturday final session with some changes. Since we are also doing medical during this day (bandaging, splinting, H2T), we have 2 instructors each doing 3 stations for 1-1/4 hours per station. One is medical, one combines fire extinguishers and cribbing, and the third is search and rescue (including turning off power and gas) and then extracting the survivors (lifts and carries). Sign up to instruct.

Questions? Please contact Joyce Smith.

Resource Materials for Teams and Trainers

Basic CERT Training

  • PowerPoint slides for training units may be downloaded here


Additional links to resources for instructors can be found on the Resources page.

CERT Basic Training Instructor Expectations and Responsibilities