For CERT Instructors

Coronavirus Update

CERT Basic Training is currently a fully in-person training.

See the CERT COVID-19 Policy

Would you like to become an instructor/trainer for the CERT Basic Training?

We have a CERT Train-the-Trainer course coming in August. Get details here.

If you are a CERT instructor/trainer, or interested in becoming a CERT instructor/trainer, here is some helpful information:

All CERT instruction in Santa Cruz County is done by volunteer instructors who have completed both CERT Basic and FEMA’s Train the Trainer class. It is expected that all instructors assist with class instruction on a regular basis. CERTs who would like to become instructors are welcome to assist with class instruction until the FEMA Train the Trainer class is completed successfully. We are few and far between and need all our instructors to help out.

The curriculum we are teaching is the 2019 CERT Basic Curriculum. There are changes, and all PowerPoint files were updated/rewritten in 2020 to reflect the new curriculum. If you need a 2019 Student or Instructor manual, please contact Joyce Smith.

CERT Basic Instruction

Our usual class schedule will be four evenings (usually 6 – 9:30) and one weekend day. Our current yard work location is at Central Fire’s Live Oak yard next to the administration building at 930 – 17th St, Santa Cruz (Live Oak).

  • Session 1: Unit 1 (Disaster Prep) and Unit 2 (CERT Organization)
  • Session 2: Unit 3 (Disaster Medicine Part 1 plus triage with some modifications)
  • Session 3: Units 4 (Disaster Medicine Part 2) and Unit 5 (Disaster Psych)
  • Session 4: Units 6 (Fire and Utilities) and Unit 8 (Terrorism)
  • Session 5: Full day. Unit 7 (Simple Search and Rescue) in am and Unit 9 (Practical and test) in pm

Upcoming CERT Basic classes are scheduled for:

  • June in Watsonville — Weekend Warrior class: Saturdays, June 1 and 8, at Watsonville Fire Station 2, 370 Airport Blvd, Watsonville, from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm for in-person lecture/hands-on class. ALSO Saturday, June 15, at Central Fire Station #1, 930 – 17th Av, Santa Cruz (Live Oak), from 9 am to 4:00 pm for final lectures and outside hands-on scenarios.
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Questions? Please contact Joyce Smith.

Stop the Bleed Classes

Mary Edmund and Joyce Smith will be the principal instructors, but additional instructors are needed. Class times are 9:00-12:30 for instructors, 10:00-12:00 for attendees.

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Resource Materials for Teams and Trainers

Basic CERT Training

  • PowerPoint slides for training units may be downloaded here


Additional links to resources for instructors can be found on the Resources page.

CERT Basic Training Instructor Expectations and Responsibilities