Communications Resources

The CERT Auxiliary has long been committed to promoting communication by MURS radio. This year Roberta Joiner Roberts has agreed to assume the CERT Communications Coordinator role. She looks forward to having monthly meetings as needed, meeting with teams, as desired, having radio exercises for new and seasoned members, and generally fostering radio usage to those who are interested.

Communications Resource Documents for team members and leaders

Basic MURS Radio Instruction handout (print in B&W or color, 2-sided)

MURS Wallet Card (Quick Start)  (3 to a page – cut and fold in half and laminate if desired)

We Have Radios!

MURS RadioThe CERT Auxiliary has MURS radios available at a discount. These are the new, Version 2 edition of the radio and are programmed for use by CERTs. These radios are available to CERTs at a nice price of $60 each. On Amazon they sell for $70 plus tax. A wonderful discount. Interested? Contact Mary EdmundJoyce Smith or Roberta Roberts.



MURS Radio Training

We conducted a Beginning MURS Radio class and an Intermediate Radio class on Zoom. You can find the recordings on the Continuing Education page.