Here are some upcoming events of interest to CERT participants. (See the Calendar for a full schedule.)

Information about meetings of the CERT Auxiliary Working Group can be found here.

  • May 18: Basic CERT Training (Santa Cruz) begins
    There will be a Basic CERT Class in Santa Cruz on five consecutive Thursdays—May 18 and 25, June 1, 8, and 15—from 6–10 pm. Classes will be held at the Santa Cruz Emergency Operations Center, 495 Upper Park Rd. The class will be limited to Santa Cruz city residents only; non-residents welcome if space is available 2 weeks before the start of the class. (Outline)
  • June 1: Basic CERT Training (Corralitos) begins
    This class has been cancelled for low enrollment. Please choose another class.
  • June 14: Advanced Training class, Felton
    Advanced Training — Medical Review (Head to Toe Assessment, Wound Care, Splinting) at the Felton Fire Station, 131 Kirby St. 6:30–9:00 pm. Class size limited to 20. (Register)
  • June 15: DSW Badge Recertification and Advanced Training, Aptos
    Does your DSW Badge expire this year? Attend the June 15th recertification evening at 6:30 at the Aptos/La Selva Firehouse at 6934 Soquel Dr. Ten hours of continuing education are required. Also in this session will be advanced training in Head to Toe Assessment and First Aid Review. 6:30 pm for the badge recertification, 7:00–9:00 pm for the medical review. Class size limited to 20. (Register)


Past Events

  • May 3: Basic CERT Training, Watsonville (Outline)
  • Apr 6: Basic CERT Training, Felton (Outline)
  • March 15: DSW badge recertification
  • March 15: Map Your Neighborhood workshop
  • February 21: Basic CERT Training, Aptos
  • February 11: Basic CERT Training, Bonny Doon


2016 events
  • November 15: Advanced Training on Utility Safety
  • October 15: Basic CERT Training (Ben Lomond) (Outline)
  • October 11: Basic CERT Training class (Santa Cruz residents only) (Outline)
  • October 2: Dangers in Paradise
  • September 20: Basic CERT Training begins (Aptos)
  • August 18: Basic CERT Training (Boulder Creek)
  • May 4: Basic CERT Training (Aptos)
  • May 3: Basic CERT Training (Santa Cruz).
  • April 30: Formidable Footprint solar storm training session (Felton)
  • April 25: Talk on Climate Change and Zika Virus
  • April 7: Basic CERT Training (Felton)
  • February 2: Basic CERT Training (Aptos)
  • January 30: Formidable Footprint earthquake training session (Felton and Aptos)
  • January 25: Amateur Radio Class (Ben Lomond)
  • January 6: Basic CERT Training (Felton)
2015 events
  • November 21: El Niño Winter Preparation Fair
  • November 4: Traffic Control and Electrical Hazards (CERT Refresher Training)
  • October 31: Formidable Footprint Tornado training session (San Lorenzo Valley)
  • October 13: Basic CERT Training (Aptos)
  • September 26: Formidable Footprint Wildland Fire training session (Bonny Doon)
  • September 13: Dangers in Paradise (Recap)
  • September 12: Disaster by the Bay (Monterey) (Description | Recap)
  • September 9: Webinar about American Red Cross and CERT
  • August 2015 – Waldorf School CERT Class (Bonny Doon)